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Here are 8 probiotic fun facts:

1. Probiotics are good bacteria

Generally speaking, you probably hear a lot of bad stuff about bacteria. That’s because they make up many pathogens, some of which may cause health complications. However, plenty of bacteria types are not just beneficial, but necessary for human health. As opposed to pathogens, they work in conjunction with our body. We call these types of bacteria probiotics. They’re the good guys, and your body is filled with them…

2. Probiotics outnumber cells in the body 10 to 1

We all know that an immense amount of cells exist in the human body. Recent estimates say about 30 trillion. But did you know that the amount of probiotics in the body is thought to be even greater? Estimates for probiotic microorganisms are up to ten times that of cells. That’s right. Scientists believe that 100 – 300 trillion microorganisms live in the human body!

3. There are over 400 strains of probiotics in the human body

Over 400 strains make up those hundreds of trillions of probiotics in the body. Some of these are permanent residents, while others are transient. Just 20 of these strains account for 75 percent of them. The other 380 account for 25 percent. So, 25 – 75 trillion microorganisms in the body are spread out amongst 380 strains, meaning that even the least abundant strain can still have a population of up to 200 million.

4. The body’s probiotics weigh more than the brain

Now that you know just how many probiotics dwell within the body, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that they collectively outweigh almost every organ. Coming in at – on average – just over 3.5 pounds, the total amount of probiotics within the body outweighs the brain (3 pounds) and the heart (0.8 pounds). With the heaviest organ in the human body being the liver at 4 pounds, this makes the body’s probiotics the second heaviest organ.

5. Probiotics live not just in the gut, but everywhere

If you were thinking, “wow how do all those fit in the gut?” The answer is that they don’t. While the largest number is present in the colon, billions also reside in the mouth, nasal cavity, esophagus, urinary tract, around the lungs, within joints, the armpit, beneath toenails, and many other places!

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6. Probiotics contribute to a large portion of the immune response  

It’s a good thing that these little guys are everywhere for they play a key role in immune function. Some experts estimate that they’re responsible for 70 – 80 percent of the body’s immune response. This is due to their function of stimulating important players in the immune system, such as T-cells, macrophages, cytokines, and phagocytic cells.

7. Probiotics help create new antibodies

As pathogens evolve, humans have to develop new orally administered antibiotics to keep up. But, because probiotics are bacteria which contribute to the immune response, they can adapt to new pathogens, stimulating the creation of antibodies tailored for that specific mutation.

8. Probiotics boast an array of health benefits

As science has progressed, researchers have learned more and more about the intricacies of the human body, including its microscopic dwellers. Many studies have been carried out in the past few decades involving probiotics. These experiments typically all come to the same conclusion: probiotics contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Get in on the fun!

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