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Wondering what the hoopla is about this product is really nothing big or some amazing new creation like some products claim! 

Oils can not be created only extracted from the parent plant source.

Here is our claim to FAME “MIXOLOGY” of these already wonderful products given by the earth. 

We believe the right mix correctly, not overloading with one Essential Oil out-waying another, will bring you to an Amazing balance of Softness, Nutreenat, and Glow!

Add on’s 

  •  Lavender 
  •  Rose Hip Oil
  •  Flax Seed Oil
  •  Hemp Seed Oil
  •  Peppermint Oil
  •  Ginger Oil
  •  Black Pepper Oil
  •  Clove Oil


Base Natural Oils

  • Natural White Sha Butter 
  • Natural Yellow Sha 
  • Whipped Coconut



  • E
  • D